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2019 AMDA/IPA International Conference

The AMDA/IPA International Pompe Patient and Scientific Conference will take place in San Antonio, Texas from October 25-27, 2019.

Please click here for the 2019 Conference Registration Form.  Each family, speaker, patient organization representative, industry representative, and physician should complete the Online Registration Form.  There is no Conference Registration Fee.

Hotel Reservation Information will be made available shortly.             

Why should you attend the Conference?
It will be a weekend full of learning, fun, and friends. All of the leading experts from around the world will be present to share the late-breaking news on Pompe disease. But don’t take it from us, here is what people who have come to other AMDA/IPA Conferences have to say about why you should attend:

“Of all the scientific conferences, this one is the most stimulating”
- Dr. Nina Raben (NIH-USA).

“Translational aspects are key elements of the rare disease field, and Pompe disease plays a major role model for the entire rare disease community. This AMDA conference has and will link-in patients to international resources, researchers, and clinicians. This blends, as four years ago, will help to provide superior information and better understanding of unmet needs. Furthermore, this meeting promotes treatment to all of our patients with harmonized standards of care around the world.  I strongly support this networking that is organized by the national and international Pompe patient organizations.” - Professor Dr. Benedikt Schoser (Friedrich-Baur-Institute, Germany)

“I attended my first AMDA/IPA Conference in 2015. What a great experience! Not only was I left with new wonderful friends, but also with a wealth of information, knowledge and hope! I’m looking forward to the next conference, and to hear from the patients, the experts and industry about what the future holds for our community in this exciting time.” - Fabio Di Pietro (IPA Board Member, Italy)

“AMDA/IPA 2019 in San Antonio: an event not to miss and to look forward to! Even before the agenda has been finalized, I am convinced that the upcoming meeting is going to be an exciting event like all former “get-togethers.” Because that is what it is: a unique opportunity for patients, physicians, and scientists to meet each other and educate each other about the ins and outs of Acid Maltase Deficiency / Pompe disease and be informed also by pharmaceutical companies about progress towards therapeutic interventions. All of it in a rewarding very open and friendly atmosphere. That is my experience from the several former meetings I participated in. I look forward to seeing you in San Antonio!” - Dr. Arnold Reuser (the Netherlands)

Stay tuned to this page for more information as it becomes available!

We hope to see you in San Antonio!

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