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IPA Statement: The End Of Myozyme Supply Restrictions

By: IPA posted on: May 08, 2009

Dear IPA Affiliate,

You will no doubt have heard the wonderful news that Myozyme from the Belgian production facility has been approved for patients within the European Community (see the IPA website for the press release). Another great success has been the adoption of the Myozyme Stakeholder’s Working Group (MSWG) guidelines by the majority of the Pompe community. A third strand to this story was the initiation of a trial of the Belgian product involving patients in the Netherlands; designed to reduce the global demand on the Myozyme produced in the United States.

The result of these actions is that Myozyme inventory is sufficient to end the restrictions that were put in place in February. Thankfully most patients will only have missed one infusion and should not be required to miss any more. Genzyme have alreadfrom their treatment centres very soon.

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